Do you have a seawall stabilization problem?

  • Do you have sinkholes or areas of depression on the land side of your seawall?
  • When the water is down in the winter do you see voids between your seawall and the ground?
  • Do you have cracks or movement in your seawall?

Causes of Seawall Failure

Most seawall failure is due to soil destabilizationand soil loss which is caused from a failure to manage hydrostatic pressure. Most seawalls are installed with no effective mechanism for relieving hydrostatic pressure while retaining supporting soils.  Seawalls that do have ‘weep holes’ installed rarely have a system designed for long term soil retention.

What is Hydrostatic Pressure?

As it relates to seawalls, hydrostatic water pressure builds up behind seawalls on the land side. The primary cause of this hydrostatic pressure is from surface (rain) water and ground water building up behind the seawall. Hydrostatic pressure is only relieved when the water finds its’ way under, around or through the seawall until a state of equilibrium is achieved. The issue is that as the water runs under, around and through the seawall it can take soil with it and you end up with voids and sinkholes will cause the seawall to become unstable.

Seawall Stabilization

Our seawall repair process repairs all cracks in the seawall, fills voids, and stabilizes surrounding soils. We can permanently strengthen and repair damaged soil and prevent future erosion. Our process is safe for the environment.
SiteMix chemical grouting

Relieve the Pressure and Stop Erosion

The key to stopping soil erosion and wall destabilization is to relieve the hydrostatic pressure on the seawall but retain the soils. SiteMix Pressure Grouting has the solution to effectively relieve hydrostatic pressure behind your seawall while retaining the residual soils.

SiteMix Soil Erosion Warranty

Don’t settle for an inferior repair that doesn’t correct the root cause of the issue and offers no warranty.

Our comprehensive seawall repair process is backed with a fully transferrable warranty that covers future soil erosion.

Jet Filter Maintenance Plan

As part of our seawall repair solution, we annually inspect your seawall and include Jet Filter maintenance at no additional cost to you.

Lakes Served

Blue Ridge (GA), Burton (GA), Jackson (GA), Logan Martin (AL), Martin (AL), Nottely (GA), Oconee (GA), Rabun (GA), Sinclair (GA), and Weiss (AL).

SiteMix chemical grouting

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