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SiteMix is the Southeast’s premier geotechnical grouting services company. We specialize in soil stabilization, bulk-in-fill grouting, permeation grouting, neat grout manufacturing, cellular concrete
and chemical grouting.

What We Do


PolyUp Concrete Lifting

Residential Concrete Leveling


Seawall Repair

  • Seawall Stabilization
  • Causes of Seawall Failure
  • Stop Erosion
  • Relieve Pressure

Commercial Applications

  • Pipe Abandonment & Void Fills
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Leak Stop & Water Cutoff
  • Concrete Repair
  • 24 Hr Emergency Response

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials does pressure grouting use?

Pressure grouting is useful for a wide range of services and repairs, and each situation is unique. This is why our team at SiteMix Pressure Grouting uses a variety of grouting materials depending on the details of the job. This includes low-density cellular concrete, cementitious grout, specialized chemical grouts, and more. Our specialists will assess your site and the problems you need to address, selecting the ideal grouting materials for your job.

Why should I choose pressure grouting over other common construction solutions?

Pressure grouting is designed around getting the job done as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. It prevents the need for additional excavation, intrusive repairs, long delays to your construction or your daily activities, and high price tags.

What types of problems can pressure grouting resolve?

Pressure grouting is a specialty that takes many forms. We vary the equipment, techniques, and grouting materials to complete a wide range of repairs and jobs. A few of these repairs include:

  • Stabilizing soil
  • Lifting and leveling concrete
  • Repairing water leaks
  • Filling abandoned pipes and other structures such as manholes, vaults, and tanks
  • Annular space grouting between a carrier pipe and a liner pipe

These are merely a few of the many ways pressure grouting can help to support municipal construction as well as residential and commercial structures. For more details, review our list of common pressure grouting applications or contact us to discuss your needs.

What should I do if I need urgent pressure grouting services?
Not all pressure grouting needs are easy to spot in advance. In some cases, a sinkhole or other urgent problem can put your safety or your property at risk. For situations like these, our SiteMix Pressure Grouting team offers 24/7 emergency grouting services.
How much will my pressure grouting services cost?
Pressure grouting costs vary widely based on the services you need, the size of your job, and the materials and equipment that your job requires. We understand the importance of knowing what to expect before you begin your project. For this reason, SiteMix Pressure Grouting offers a free site visit to assess your site, determine what will be necessary for your circumstances, and provide a cost estimate.
How do I get pressure grouting services for my site?

If you need pressure grouting services for your property, municipal project, or other site, call SiteMix Pressure Grouting. Our knowledgeable staff can schedule a free site visit to discuss your needs and create a plan for how to proceed.

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