What Is PolyUp® Concrete Lifting?

The PolyUp® concrete repair process is used for lifting and leveling concrete structures including foundations, concrete slabs, driveways, pool decks and parking lots. In addition, this process is used to stabilize and strengthen residual soils to ensure the longevity of the concrete repair.

Causes & Solutions

Erosion, poor construction and subsurface soil conditions are the most common causes of concrete settlement. Each PolyUP concrete repair is specifically designed to address the specific customer issue. Because each repair is specifically designed for each customer, our results ensure a cost-effective solution with optimal results.

Soil Stabilization

Often times cracking or settling concrete is a symptom of a subsurface soil condition issue. Subsurface soil issues are remedied by any number of ground improvement techniques. SiteMix is an expert at resolving subsurface soil condition issues and we can provide a comprehensive solution to correct the soil problem and lift and level the concrete structure.

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