We recently received a call from a wood product manufacturer who reported that some equipment in their mill had developed significant vibrations which were radiating into the concrete floor in the area. The vibrations had become so significant that they were forced to shut down that area of production. Upon further inquiry, it was also found that the vibrations had gotten worse over the years and that they tended to come and go depending on the time of the year. This was our first clue about what could be causing the commotion!
SiteMix Pressure Grouting performed an assessment of the soil conditions in the reported areas and found significant voids under the slab and footings supporting the equipment. Additionally, the areas of vibration were in close proximity to the edge of the building envelope where there was a high-water table and marginal drainage in the area. Since we were alerted earlier about the vibrations only occurring at a certain time of the year, we concluded that voids under the footings were filling with water during the wettest months. When the voids flooded, they caused the vibrations on the equipment to increase.
To solve the problem, SiteMix Pressure Grouting performed a permeation grouting program to strengthen the existing soils, fill the voids, mitigate groundwater and provide structural support to the footings and slabs. After the grouting treatment, the excessive vibration in the machinery completely stopped. Our customer is now more productive than ever and is running their mill at full capacity without the excessive wear and tear on machinery.
It’s safe to say that SiteMix Pressure Grouting really does eliminate the bad vibes! If you’re interested in learning more about our wide range of pressure grouting and concrete filling services, contact SiteMix Pressure Grouting in Georgia today. Also, follow along with us on Facebook and YouTube for more insights about our concrete filling projects.
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