In the pressure grouting business, our customers often challenge us with complex projects. The good news for our customers is that we have the ability to meet those challenges, and that sometimes means combining the capabilities of SiteMix Pressure Grouting, SiteMix Concrete, and Cherokee Pumping.

In one recent example of bringing it all together, SiteMix Pressure Grouting was contracted to grout fill a compromised outflow pipe in an earthen dam. It was classified as a Category 1 structure under the Georgia Safe Dams Act. In addition, the dam was located in a rural area of Georgia and had a GDOT controlled road on top of the dam.

Working with our customer, the EPD (GA Safe Dams) Engineer of Record and the GDOT, we were able to design an acceptable mix, provide a low-pressure grouting plan, and quickly and safely fill the pipe.

SiteMix Pressure Grouting provided the grouting expertise. Whereas, SiteMix Concrete used their volumetric concrete trucks to produce the specialty grout mix in the field. Additionally, Cherokee Pumping provided reloading services using their material placing equipment.

The benefits to our customer include:

  • High quality specialty material placed in a rural area using SiteMix Concrete’s volumetric concrete trucks for on-site production.
  • Faster job completion with less traffic disruption using reloading capabilities from Cherokee Pumping.
  • A low-pressure pumping strategy to minimize the risk of pipe rupture while ensuring a complete pipe fill provided by the experienced professionals at SiteMix Pressure Grouting.

This project is a great example of how the combination of SiteMix Pressure Grouting, SiteMix Concrete, and Cherokee Pumping brings real value to our customers. If you have a challenging job or issue that you need help solving, please get in touch.

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