At SiteMix Pressure Grouting, we pride ourselves on providing the best solutions to solve our customers’ complex problems. When it comes to concrete repair, our team has the expertise to assess and repair a wide variety of concrete and soil defects in a safe and cost-effective manner. However, unlike other foundation repair companies, we offer different solutions and products to match our customers’ unique needs. SiteMix Pressure Grouting customers can always be certain that they are getting the best solution to solve their specific problem.
Recently, we had a client who needed to have multiple concrete slabs stabilized and lifted. After assessing their unique situation and going over possible solutions, we decided to lift the slabs with Alchemy-Spetec AP430 polyurethane foam. Our experienced team injected the foam under the slabs in order to raise them back to their original position. This method allowed us to quickly repair the slabs without the need to replace the concrete or use heavy machinery.
If you notice any defects in your concrete, contact SiteMix Pressure Grouting in Atlanta today to learn more about our wide range of concrete repair services. Additionally, follow us on Facebook and YouTube to stay updated about our latest projects.
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